The P.L.G.P has the growing number of Merit student from every course in institution every year. P.L.G.P has the most demanded courses which Is the future of tomorrow. So the number of admission to these Courses is growing each year. The courses available in P.L.G.P are as bellows .Additional 10% seats are under fee waiver scheme.

No Course Name Seats
1. Mechanical Engineering (M.E) 60
2. 60
3. Electrical Engineering(E.E) 60
4.  Electronics (E.X.) 60
5. Computer Engineering (C.O) 60
6. Information Technology (I.F) 60
7.  Mechanical Engineering (M.E. 2nd shift) 60
8. Civil Engineering(C.E 2nd shift) 60
  Total Seats Per Year 480


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