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Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnic

What is Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnic?

 The Community Development through Polytechnic was started from February,2009 in this institute. The scheme is run by our regular members in addition to their regular work. This scheme is funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India New Delhi. All India council for education (AICTE) recommended few Polytechnic which have shown initiative in promotion with the rural communities at large & have the necessary capacity to undertake the rural development work be selected to effect transfer of technology to rural areas & contribution in all round rural development through.

1) Socio-Economic-Technical Surveys of adjoining village with view to determine present & future need of  area & people.

2) Man power development & training through a wide variety of Technical & Non-Technical trade courses through non-formal training.

3) Technology transfer to improve productivity in agriculture, rural industries, rural housing, rural sanitation, rural transportation with a view to improve the quality of life of    rural people.

4) Technical Support services to ensure sustenance of technologies in rural areas & provide assistance to local entrepreneurs in various aspects of entrepreneurs in various aspects of enterprise building.

 5) Community services with a view to improve support building, people’s participation in development & meeting some lf priority needs for better quality of life.

6) Dissemination of information for creating awareness about development scheme & application of science & technology to specific.

 The Broad objectives of the scheme are:

1)      To provide a community-Institute interface so that Science & Technology inputs can be transferred to the community through skills training, technology & organization of support services.

2)      Ensuring for the rural society a fair share of benefits from the investment in technical education system & thus bringing socio-economic enlistment & improvement of quality of life of rural community inputs.

3)      To sensitize student & faculty of polytechnics towards live problems of the community needing Science & technology inputs.

The  major operational activity of the scheme

1)      To ascertain the felt needs of the community through techno-economies of the community, job potential syrvey,ete;

2)      To become focal points for technology transfer

3)      To train Youth, Women  & Other Disadvantaged groups of employable skills

4)      To provide technical & other supports services for improving local capabilities

5)      To create awareness regarding development programs for creating problem solving environment.

To impart Skill Development Training to be conducted from starting

from this scheme as follows


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